Sunday, May 31, 2009

They All Pretty Much Suck...

Why I could never be a modern day republican:

1. They are hypocrites: they claim to stand for less government, yet that doesn’t stop them from telling women what to do with their bodies, force traditional (i.e. Christian) values down our throats, and attempt to censure television shows, movies, and radio.
2. They hang on to the anti-slavery thing for dear life, despite the fact that republican philosophy of Abe Lincoln’s day is completely different from what it is now. And more importantly it doesn’t stop them from being racist (see their treatment of Sonia Sotomayor), sexist (see Sotomayor again), and homophobic.
3. They’ve allowed their party to be turned into joke by not distancing their selves from offensive blowhards such as Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulture, and Fox news.
4. They sold their party to the extreme Christians who think they have the right to dictate how we live.
5. They claim if you are a democrat you can’t be a “true Christian.”

Why I could never be a democrat:

1. Despite test scores dropping and our children getting stupider and stupider they still bow down to the teachers’ unions.
2. They raise taxes, but I never see any results (still no universal health care, roads still suck, schools still suck, where does all the money go?)
3. Sometimes I look at democratic parties and fundraisers and I think it is it really fair that all of those Hollywood celebs get to go?
4. Many far left liberals paint all Christians as nut jobs that want to tell us how to live our lives but it’s really just extreme Christians and they should make a point to make that distinction.

Bottom line is as far I’m concern both parties totally suck. Most politicians are just in it for the power and money and sex with interns. This is the political system we are stuck with, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. The first thing is learning to think for ourselves—look past the jargon and the bullshit and try to find the truth. Don’t just watch one news station, read one newspaper, or one blog, and don’t just assume that all news people fact check, because the truth is many will leave our facts, twist them, or blatantly ignore them in order to make the point the way to make or to sell the best story. And most importantly don’t define yourself by your party, and don’t think everything your party does it correct or that the other party is always wrong. And has hard as it is don’t just make assumptions about a person because of their political party or religion (and I say religion because religion is so tided into politicians now.) Try to see them as an individual. Once we do that we can all come together and start to fix all the bullshit going on in our country.

Are American’s capable of truly being free thinkers? Or are we too conditioned by the media, society, our religious beliefs, race, family, ETC? Let me know what you think!

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